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  • NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Released a new class about Transitioning from Java to Scala
    Jul 26, 2012: We have released a new class about Transitioning from Java to Scala. Please visit S4JDs.
  • NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: JavaTools 2.0 released
    May 31, 2012: JavaTools was extended with several additional combinatorial optimization features, and the code compilation was extended with C# and F# code compilation. You can now compile Java, C#, and F# code directly from Mathematica. JavaTools received a new version number 2.0.
  • NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: JavaTools 1.1 released
    Feb 6, 2012: JavaTools was extended with several new combinatorial optimization features and additional implementations of the GoogleCollections and received a new version number 1.1.
    Jul 3, 2011: GoogleDocsLink was renamed to GoogleDataLink and was upgraded to include features to manage Google Calendar from Mathematica.
  • I have written a short summary of my opinion about the computational finance industry.
    JavaTools released on Nov 25, 2010
    Please visit JavaTools
    DDFLink released on Feb 15, 2010
    Please visit DDFLink
    GoogleDocsLink released on the 2009 Mathematica Conference!
    Please visit GoogleDataLink
  • Lauschke Consulting currently sells five products:

    JavaTools is our high-performance Java package for Mathematica. GoogleDataLink is our link between Google Data and Mathematica. XTLink is our bi-directional link between the TT Trading System from Trading Technologies and Mathematica. DDFLink is our link product that allows Mathematica users to get real-time data from DDFPlus, on a retrieval-per-request basis as well as live streaming. CalcLink is our bi-directional link between OpenOffice and Mathematica.

    All Lauschke Consulting retail products come with the Interactive Symbol Browser and the Interactive Expression Browser. They are fully integrated in all products at no additional charge.
  • Lauschke Consulting provides dedicated email support to all clients all over the world.
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