DDFLink: Bringing live streaming real-time data to Mathematica!

With DDFLink you can use the ddfplus data engine from barchart.com to receive live streaming financial market data in Mathematica, look up symbol/contract information, exchange information, receive exchange/symbol status messages, and see market statistics. Live streaming financial data means that ddfplus sends an event with market data to your session, and you define in an event handler function what you want Mathematica to do when a tick arrives.

ddfplus is a premium data provider for live financial market data, supplying live market data to exchanges like CBOT, the Kansas Board of Trade, the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, and several others. Major corporate customers include Bank of America, Bloomberg, MF Global, FXCM, PFG Best, Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve Board, and RBS Greenwich Capital. Data vendor customers include Morningstar and XIgnite.

ddfplus is the data engine behind BarChart.com. ddfplus has one of the broadest product and exchange coverages, including all major US exchanges and several international exchanges, covering stocks, futures, options, currencies, ETFs. For an exchange overview, please vist:

ddfplus Exchanges

To see the market data inventory of ddfplus, please visit:

Market Data Inventory

To use DDFLink you have to purchase DDFLink from Lauschke Consulting and a data subscription from ddfplus/barchart. For their data subscription options, please visit:

Data Subscription Plans

Data Subscription Plans from ddfplus for individuals start at USD 49/month.

DDFLink is the easiest and cheapest way to get live streaming data and very broad instrument and exchange coverage for Mathematica. Bear in mind that all "market data" that Mathematica provides is delayed by at least 15 minutes! (as is required by the rulebooks of the various exchanges) The only delay in the market data with DDFLink is network latency of the internet!

As with all Mathematica products from Lauschke Consulting, DDFLink comes with the Interactive Symbol Browser and the Interactive Expression Browser. They are fully integrated at no additional charge.


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