GoogleDataLink: Linking Mathematica with the Google Data features, such as Google Docs Spreadsheets and Google Calendar!

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Why Google Calendar? Some of the advantages of Google Calendar are:

  • It's cloud based, which means changes are immediately visible to all users. The calendar owner updates an event (e. g. meeting rescheduled), and now every subscriber is immediatley current.
  • One can share schedules with others, which means the user has access to all sorts of calendars (celebrity birthdays, movies in your city, FIFA World Cup schedule, world history, etc.), or it can be an office calendar, containing a list of meeting attendees and locations (rooms, cities, phone numbers, ...)
  • Integration with gmail: an incoming email containing certain trigger words (such as "meeting", or dates and times) has an "add to calendar" button, making it super-easy to add events to a shared calendar, visible to all subscribers instantly (useful, for example, to a department head).
  • Extremely high server access reliability, as evidenced by Google's outstanding uptime record.

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