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  • Special Thanks to Harald Hoyer
  • Lauschke Consulting works together with ddfplus, the data engine behind

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    Please look at the extensive coverage of Financial Market Data and Exchanges that ddfplus provides (accessible through our DDFLink package).

  • Lauschke Consulting works together with Pinter Consulting. Pintér Consulting Services, Inc. (PCS), specializes in the development of advanced nonlinear optimization methodology and software, and offers related expertise and services.

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  • Koedderitzsch Net is based in Germany and performs stellar consulting services, mostly centered around Java (J2SE, J2EE) and Eclipse. In 2007 they won the Eclipse Community Award with their Checkstyle Plugin.

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  • The Volunteer Pilots Association provides free air transportation to financially needy people that don't have the funds to pay for the transportation they need for their treatment.

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    The VPA kindly hosts this Lauschke Consulting website for free.

  • Eurocircle is a worldwide network for mingling and mixing, for personal and professional contacts. If you live in or near a metropolitan area throughout the world chances are there is a Eurocircle chapter near to you.
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