FracTracker Flight for LightHawk, Aug 11, 2019

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

This page contains a lot of stills taken from the video cams, scroll down to see the stills.

Here is the first clip:

First Flight, normal speed, full length

Here are the maps for the flights:

First flight to Jefferson County, PA. At 2:46 you can see the Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson headquarters coming in. At 3:15 you can see where I live. At 8:00 you can see Lake Hopatcong coming in. Around 20:00 I join the Kittatinny Ridge and the Appalachian Trail (the AT goes over most of the K-Ridge). Around 23:30 you see the Delaware Water Gap. Around 47:30 you see Hawk Mountain. Around 1:02:00 I have to leave the Kittatinny Ridge / Appalachian Trail, as I was getting close to the Muir AFB and its restricted area. Here I abandoned them and flew directly to the destination, 2G2, that is Jefferson County, to install the cameras and get fuel. Around 1:13 you can see the Susquehanna River. Then I cross a lot of the Appalachians, until the end of the clip (and GPS tracking), just short of Altoona. Unfortunately the battery of my cam / GPS was dead after 2 hours and 17 minutes, so the video and GPS tracking stop just before Altoona. You can see that I had to fly around the Bedminster TFR, then the Kittatinny Ridge / AT, and then straight over the Appalachians, to Jefferson County.

Here is the map from flightaware. They have the first two flights together (relocation flight to Jefferson County and mission flight):

Here is the second clip. This is without a moving map inset:

Second Flight, normal speed, full length

Here is the second clip again, this one has a moving map inset:

Second Flight, normal speed, full length

Second flight, this is the pipeline mission flight:

Third flight, home. Here I only have the flightaware screen:

In the following I show you several stills from the flight:

The headquarters of Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson:

Here is where I live:

Lake Hopatcong coming in:

Lake Hopatcong, Eastern side:

Lake Hopatcong, Western side:

Joining the Kittatinny Ridge and Appalachian Trail. The valley on the right side is the Delaware River. The lake on the left is Lower Yards Creek Reservoir.

This is Upper Yards Creek Reservoir. The small ponds to the West of it is Sunfish Pond:

Delaware Water Gap:

Blue Mountain Resort:

Aquashicola and Palmerton:

Lehigh River:

Hawk Mountain (and Hawk Mountain Preserve):

Susquehanna River and Mount Patrick:

Mcveytown and the Juniata River:

Huntingdon and the Juniata River:

Canoe Creek Lake, in the Canoe Creek State Park:


This is now the pipeline mission flight.

Approaching the Ohio River from the West. On the right you can see the WH Sammis Power Plant (First Energy).

Ohio River from the West. You can see the Linde factory and the Mountaineer Grand, the Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack, and Resort on the PA side.

the Beaver Valley Power Station (pipeline route below me):

BASF plant and Nova Chemicals plant:

BASF closer:

and closer:

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